torsdagen den 3:e april 2014

Ajax - Bleach For Breakfast Demo

I have been listening to this demo repeatedly for a few weeks now and it´s not more than fair to share it with you as it is amazing. This came out late december 2013 and I see it as my duty to pass this on to as many others as humanly possible. It´s that good! Full of great riffs and a pissed off vocal delivery. Members also reside in Creem, Warthog and Nuclear Spring. Don´t be to surprised if a EP pops up on Katorga Works later on.

Download the demo

fredagen den 21:e mars 2014

Suffer The Pain - Face Of Doom MC (Krig Tejps)

Suffer The Pain unleashes their new tape (also out soon as a 7" on Phobia Records) of pure metal punk madness. Like a bastard child of Motörhead, Discharge and Entombed they rip through five songs of raw and brilliant metal punk including a great cover of the Motörhead classic "Killed By Death". Quite fitting cover if I may say so. There is however some new stuff added, like the intro which reminds me a whole lot of Tragedy. That just adds to the already overall great feeling about this band though. Suffer The Pain is not reinventing the wheel, but like any band playing in the hardcore realm of music you need to have that feeling to create great music. Suffer The Pain certainly have that feeling. Great stuff!

Buy the tape here: Suffer The Pain

Listen to STP here: Bandcamp

tisdagen den 18:e mars 2014

Lite grejer på Tradera

Slängde upp lite grejer på Tradera. In och kika om det är något ni finner intressant. Går ut den 25:e så det blir lagom till löning det. Funkar inte länken så sök på användarnamn nineshocksterror Tradera

måndagen den 10:e mars 2014

Broken Cross - Secret Destruction EP (Apocalyptic Visions)

Imagine waking up in a pile of debris in a desolate and post apocalyptic world. Stumbling across piles of burning human cadavers desperately trying to find something with a beating pulse. The survival instincts kicked in as soon as you opened your eyes and the need for food and supplies is your main priority along with the basic instinct of survival. Going down the stairs to a seemingly abandoned bunker in your hunt for useful gear you come across Broken Cross playing their filthy and primitive music on their run down instruments. You try to engage a conversation but is only met by hopeless eyes and muttering voices.

This is the kind of the landscape my mind paints me while listening to the second Broken Cross EP. Total desolation and destruction. No hope, no future. Since the release of the demo/first EP, Niklas has made the music even more primitive and perhaps more minimalistic than before. This is ugly music, this is raw music and this is certainly not music for everyone. The G.I.S.M.-influenced leads are still there but otherwise I feel this is a pretty original crossover of the filthiest and rawest hardcore and metal bands there is. This music is ugly and degrading. And I mean that in the most positive way I can.

Buy the record here: Apocalyptic Visions

Listen to the record here: Bandcamp

fredagen den 21:e februari 2014

Bombs of Hades - Recoil In Horror 7" (De:Nihil)

Bombs of Hades are a productive band to say the least. You know you´ll always get a few EP´s and splits inbetween albums and I like that. This is their latest one on swedish label De:Nihil and I would say that the a side track "Recoil In Horror" would fit nicely as an extra track on their debut EP "Carnivores". After a stomping intro/verse they up the speed for a while with a riff that really reeks of early Dismember/Nihilist before slowing it down with a groovy riff. This is the stuff that made me love BOH all those years ago and it´s great to see they´re not straying to far off that formula. Another thing I like about their EP´s and splits are the somewhat different choices of cover songs. One could go for obvious choices and do a Nihilist or Autopsy cover. But honestly, how exciting would that be? Here they cover the Black Sabbath song "Over and Over" from their 1981 album "Mob Rules" and they do a really good job at it. Not really familiar with the original, but listening to it now I must say BOH makes it heavier and somewhat doomier. All around this EP is a great effort although I don´t really see the point of only having two songs on a 7".

This review was kind of hard for me to write since the guys in Bombs of Hades are my friends. Honesty takes care of most things though.

Buy the 7" here: De:Nihil Records

tisdagen den 21:e januari 2014


It´s great to see that members of one of the most overlooked hardcore bands of the last few decades decided to start a new band. Yeah, I´m talking about members from Out Cold. John Evicci were along with Mark Sheehan (R.I.P.) the only ones that stayed Out Cold true over the years and here´s Evicci again banging away at those drums like only he can do. Other members include John Kozik (Out Cold, A.C.), Quinn Dillon and the spiteful and bitter vocals of Mark Fields (Proclamation, You´re Fired). There is an EP coming out on Man In Decline soon and an LP is set to be released on Rock N Roll Disgrace. European version will be released on a new label called Antitodo. Check out the bands demo and some tracks from upcoming releases on their Bandcamp and keep an eye out on the bands Facebook page for updates.

Agent Attitude & Damaged Head EP´s out now!

Adult Crash have two new releases out now by two swedish bands. Agent Attitude follow up their great LP with an EP called Repulsive Action. They´re kind enough to offer the whole thing over at their Bandcamp site so head on over and have a listen, I assure you it´s great. This is a co-release with Monument Records so choose whatever suits you best if you want to order.

Damaged Head is a new band featuring people from Herätys, Institution, Nitad, Agent Attitude and Separation. That´s a good track record just looking at previous bands and since I´ve heard the recording I can only say this is a contender for EP of the year along with above mentioned Agent Attitude EP. It´s a bit hesitant to say that this early in the year but I´m pretty sure they´ll both be up there at the end of the year. DH is streaming two tracks over at their Bandcamp so check it out and make sure you order a copy. I guess Monument will get these for all you swedes as well.

lördagen den 4:e januari 2014

37 records that made my 2013

Sometimes I see people saying that this and that year was a poor year for records/music. I´ve never understood those people. I believe that if you are active and willing to keep yourself updated with whatever music you´re into you will always find that year that just gone by as a good music year. This was no exception for me, it rarely is. Below you´ll find 37 records that stood out for me in 2013 with the usual exception of records I´ve yet to hear. No particular order though, I´m too lazy for that. Enjoy, and be sure to check out whatever record you´ve not heard so far.

Violent Arrest - Distorted View 12" (Boss Tuneage/Farewell)

It´s nice to see that a band like Violent Arrest can make their best effort this long into their existence. With almost all of Ripcord in the setting I´m not at all surprised though.

Obliteration - War Is Our Destiny EP (Beach Impediment)

Final EP from this project of Chris Corry and Jon Westbrook. Another excellent mix of Scandinavian and US hardcore.

Tribulation - The Formulas of Death LP (Invictus)

Probably my most anticipated release of the year. And while it´s different from The Horror and it might take a couple of more spins to grasp it´s an unbelivable LP. Mixing the ferociousness of said previous album with a little bit of psychadelia and swedish prog. That sentence should normally make me cringe but it works in an excellent way.

Krömosom - Nuclear Reich 12" (Distort Reality)

One of the few bands going for the whole distort the shit out of everything I really like. They even include a rager with a stompier kind of chorus. The production reminds me of the great Skitslickers.

Impalers - s/t LP (540/Todo Destruido)

I was anxious to hear this and when I did I was not disappointed. Mix Poison Idea, Venom, Discharge, Celtic Frost and swedish hardcore and you will have Impalers. Pounding, rocking, riff laden awesome hardcore punk.

Major Damage - Sheer Mayhem EP (Way Back When/Even Worse)

The second EP from mastermind Brandon Ferrell is just as good as the first. Paying homage to the old greats of the New York hardcore scene.

Acute - Murder Notice 12" (SMRT)

Straight forward japanese hardcore just the way I love it with some weird shit thrown in for good measure.

Final Conflict - Nineteen Eighty-Five LP (540)

Final Conflict´s demo finally gets the vinyl treatment after 28 years. Rawer than the Ashes To Ashes LP.

Night Birds - Born To Die In Suburbia LP (Grave Mistake/Taken By Surprise)

One of my favorite bands proved that they indeed could follow up their last one with an equally as strong LP.

Infest - Days Turn Black EP (Draw Blank)

Old turned down shit still makes this a mandatory Infest release. Made up of outtakes from the No Mans Slave LP, this still blows almost 90% of all newer bands out of the water.

Power Trip - Manifest Decimation LP (Southern Lord)

Just when I lost all hope to hearing a new great crossover records, Power Trip unleashes this master piece. Has helped me through alot of slow nights at work.

Violent End - s/t EP (Lengua Armada)

Stomping hardcore with gritty vocals. What else do you need?

Gas Rag - Human Rights EP (Even Worse)

Another band mixing European and US hardcore. Totalitär seems to be an obvious influence along with some of the older greats from the US.

Agent Attitude - Affliction Days LP (Adult Crash/Monument)

These guys gets better for each release and for every show as well. Can´t wait for the new EP.

Infernöh - 7 Spår EP 12" (Distort Reality/D-takt & Råpunk)

The most raging EP this year. Never thought they would top the previous LP but they did by a mile.

Selfish - Life Has No Vacant Time LP (Feral Ward)

The best burning spirits clone band that is not from Japan dropped this LP this year after a couple of years silence. A tad bit different but still as awesome as ever.

Hoax - s/t LP (Self Released)

I get a bleak and nihilistic feeling by listening to this LP. Dark, painful and pissed off.

Sickoids - No Home 12" (Grave Mistake/Sorry State)

A bit more straight forward than the LP but equally as great. Hopefully we´ll see a new LP not that far ahead.

No Warning - Resurrection of the Wolf 7" (Bad Actors)

All you really need is a new track and a cover song to make one of this years best 7"´s. Too bad they won´t come back full time.

Institution - Världens Ändstation EP (D-takt & Råpunk)

Masterful riffs by masterful dudes. Amazing shit that holds the loss of Herätys well at bay.

Abused - Loud And Clear LP (Radio Raheem)

A legit reissue at last. Amazing output regarding both the music and the packaging.

Necrocurse - Grip of the Dead LP (Blood Harvest)

Primitive death metal drawing inspiration from Sarcofago and other greats from the 80´s. Can´t go wrong with that.

Framtid - Defeat of Civilization LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)

I´m not a fan of all those hyped up distorted bands at all so It´s nice to see that Framtid doesn´t just go for the distortion. I would say this is a more heavy rather than noisy LP.

Mammoth Grinder - Underworlds LP (20 Buck Spin)

Kind of similar to Impalers but more leaning towards death metal. This is just as devastating though and their best work to date.

Dissekerad - s/t LP (Skrammel)

Great d-beat infused hardcore with amazing riffs done by veterans in the game.

The Rival Mob - Mob Justice LP (Revelation)

I was late to the game regarding this one but this record smokes. Amazing riffs and Radigan is a rageaholic behing the microphone.

Out Cold - A Heated Display LP (Painkiller)

Half of the songs from the last session with original singer Kevin on vocals. A fitting good bye and tribute to the late Mark Sheehan.

Stoic Violence - s/t LP (Katorga Works/Video Disease)

Nothing new at all. Just plain old pissed off hardcore done the exact right way.

Die - s/t EP (Sonic Terror)

Mixing UK and US hardcore and making it as sweet as it sounds.

Violent Reaction - City Streets LP (Painkiller)

Not at all impressed with this bands demo and EP but this LP really took them all the way. Boston influenced hardcore with a little bit of oi! thrown in for good measure.

Hårda Tider - Scandinavian Hardcore Insanity LP (La Familia/Hårda Skivor)

This is a total riff fest to say the least. They´ve surpassed themselves with this one.

Swordwielder - Grim Visions of Battle LP (Cubo De Sangre)

Can´t say I´m somewhat of a stench core enthusiast but this band from Gothenburg did an amazing LP that all should check out.

Handsome - s/t LP (6131)

I would say that this emocore classic is a guilty pleasure of mine. Finally out on vinyl for the first time ever.

Rough Kids - The State I´m In LP (Sorry State)

Power pop/punk perfection. Music to feel good to.

Iron Lung - White Glove Test LP (Iron Lung)

Probably one of only a handful bands that can pull off playing power violence in this day and age. And they do an amazing job with it as this LP shows.

Obliteration - Black Death Horizon LP (Relapse)

Rotten old school death metal with a strong Autopsy vibe from our oily neighbors in the west.

Mercy Killings - s/t EP (Beach Impediment)

Reminds me alot of Wasted Time and that´s never a bad thing. Members from Direct Control, Wasted Time, Stripmines etc. Raging slab of wax.

måndagen den 30:e december 2013

Årets tio bästa spelningar

Jag ska börja med att säga att det här med peppen på att dra land och rike runt för att åka på spelningar har avtagit år för år ju äldre jag blivit. Tråkigt att säga, men så är det och så kommer det säkerligen att förbli om inget oväntat händer. Med det sagt så har jag ju ändå sett så sjukt mycket bra spelningar i år. Mycket av dessa sågs på Chaos In Tejas som synes, men gamla Sverige kan leverera också. 2014 ser ut att bli väldigt bra spelningsmässigt det med så vi får väl om det där oväntade kanske händer nästa år. Nedan en kort redogörelse för de tio bästa spelningarna jag sett i år.

Infest @ Chaos In Tejas, Austin, TX

Jag trodde aldrig att jag skulle få se Infest om jag ska vara ärlig men någon ville annat. Inpackade i en gammal lagerlokal där svetten rann om när man stod stilla så framförde Infest ett jävligt intensivt trettiolåtarsset. Hade helst av allt velat se dem i en lite mindre lokal men det gör inte denna spelning till något mindre än årets bästa.

King Diamond @ Metallsvenskan, Örebro

Har dyrkat denne man sedan 1988, men aldrig lyckats bevittna en spelning. Det var precis som jag ville att det skulle vara. Kungen var i oväntad toppform efter hjärtproblemen, det var en flådig scenshow och de allra flesta klasikerna spelades.

Negative Approach @ Debaser Slussen, Stockholm

John Brannon ser ut att vara den hårdaste jäveln som finns. Hans röst låter ungefär likadant. Svinbra spelning om än på ett ställe jag inte har sådär mycket till övers för.

Impalers @ Chain Drive, Austin, TX

Hade egentligen inte brytt mig så mycket om Impalers innan men på en förfestspelning till Chaos In Tejas ändrades det radikalt. Liten lokal och ett jävla ös på sångaren Chris. Svetten rann om en men det sket man i för man såg nåt så fruktansvärt bra. Dives från baren, folk hängde i takbjälkarna och allmänt kaos.

Night Birds @ Chaos In Tejas, Austin, TX

Det blev så att vi såg dagspelningen istället för klubbspelningen på kvällen innan. Night Birds levererade dock precis som jag förväntat mig. Kanske skulle man varit på spelningen kvällen innan för att få hela upplevelsen men det var en del krockar där borta i Texas.

Framtid @ Chaos In Tejas, Austin, TX

Dåligt inlyssnad innan men det kändes som att man stod mitt i en orkan så fort de började spela. Totalt förödande spelning, i de allra mest positiva ordalag.

Institution @ The Liffey, Stockholm

Min besvikelse av att aldrig fått se Herätys dämpades här för några veckor sen. Institution levererade som väntat. Veteraner brukar kunna göra det.

Final Conflict @ Chaos In Tejas, Austin, TX

Kommer längre ner på listan eftersom jag såg halva klubbspelningen ena dagen och hela spelningen i hangaren dagen efter. Hade jag sett hela klubbspelningen hade denna post hamnat högre upp. Ashes To Ashes, denna magnifika skiva, spelades rakt igenom och ännu en återförening som funkar ypperligt kan läggas till handlingarna.

Hoax @ Chaos In Tejas, Austin, TX

Hade faktiskt inte hört något om vad jag kunde förvänta mig av Hoax live innan de skulle gå på. Vad jag fick se var en frontman som lätt skulle kunna tas som en mentalpatient med mikrofon uppbackad av fantastisk mörk och förbannad hardcore.

Power Trip @ Chaos In Tejas, Austin, TX

Ännu ett band jag inte var inlyssnad på speciellt mycket. Medans jag väntade på nåt annat band klev dessa Texas-herrar upp på scen och levererade bländande crossover utförd så tajt så man stod med hakan i backen halva spelningen.

måndagen den 23:e december 2013

Nightstick Distro update!

Fick nyss hem ett gäng ex av Mercy Killings första EP. Medlemmar från Wasted Time, Direct Control, Socialcide osv. Borde egentligen inte behöva beskriva soundet iom medlemmarnas tidigare åtaganden men slänger upp en låt så ni kan stampa med foten lite. 65:- inkl. porto kostar den, och vill ni ha en mailar ni yourmistake (a)