fredag 30 maj 2014

Bombangrepp - Förrådd Av Samhället EP (Halvfabrikat/Skäven/Phobia)

I´d never heard Bombangrepp before the band sent me this EP and I must say that I´m positively surprised. Don´t get me wrong, there´s nothing new here at all. But they have the feeling that atleast I need to like a hardcore band in this day and age. There´s hordes of bands doing what other bands have already done a thousand times before and to get through to me you have to express that feeling with your music for me to be able to enjoy it. Bombangrepp manages to do that. There´s nine songs on this EP co-released by three labels and if you could´nt tell by the number of songs it´s going fast. While I listen to this EP I tend to think it sounds quite like a slower Krigshot on some of the songs while other songs tend to slow down the tempo a bit and reminds me of early and a less metallic Skitsystem. All with Bombangrepp´s own touch of course. A nice new acquintance and a band I wouldn´t mind seeing live.

But the EP from Halvfabrikat Phobia or Skaven

Listen to the EP at their Bandcamp

Distortion Faith #6 & Kissan Päivät #3

Doing a fanzine in this digital time and age is something that should be praised. People that use their creativity and spare time to sit and create a fanzine under a long period of time are few and far between these days. Most people , like me, take the easier way although even the blog count aren´t what it once was. Distortion Faith is here with it´s sixth issue in just a few years. And as always it´s a great read. Featured amongst the pages are Hellgasm, Nekromantiker, Ydinaseeton Pohjola and a newly conducted interview with Robert Williams about his old band Siege. Add to that a bunch of columns, photos, best of lists and so on. Distortion Faith is always a good read and if I´m not too far off the tracks I´m guessing Krogh and Jocke are already planning the next issue in some way. In english by the way. Get it from Blindead

Kissan Päivät on the other hand is all in swedish and focuses more on politics than music. Since I´m more into music than politics I tend to read the politics part with only one eye. But since the guy put down so much effort doing a fanzine I guess he cares alot about the issues he brings up. Almost exclusively about the north where he lives. Music wise there are interviews with The Skull Defects, Optic Nest, Padington DC, Crush and Creat Records/fanzine and a Kranium/Dispose tour diary. add a bunch of reviews and you´re home. Can´t find any adress but use the google machine and you may find it.

fredag 16 maj 2014

Damaged Head - Tunnel Vision LP

For me, Damaged Head was love at first listen. The unmistakable riffs from Linkan´s riff infested mind paired with Modde´s great pissed off vocals is such a great pairing thay you would be stupid not to be down on your knees worshipping the fuck out of this band. Having released their debut EP earlier this year they´re already back to unleash their first LP called Tunnel Vision. Luckily for impatient me Linkan is such a nice guy that he arranged for the record to be sent to me in digital format. If you´ve heard the EP, there´s no surprises on here. Just fast, pissed off traditional hardcore with the exception of the extremely catchy riffs and the overall feeling of the band. These guys get it. And that´s exactly what I need in this overflooded world of hardcore punk. Recently returned from a european tour, some of you might have this already since the band brought fifty test presses of the record with them on tour. I don´t own it yet so regard this text as a heads up from a guy that already heard the record and not a review since I like to see the full package before reviewing anything. Keep those eyes nailed on the Adult Crash website to see exactl when the record drops and check out Damaged Head´s bandcamp to listen to five songs from this amazing LP.

torsdag 3 april 2014

Ajax - Bleach For Breakfast Demo

I have been listening to this demo repeatedly for a few weeks now and it´s not more than fair to share it with you as it is amazing. This came out late december 2013 and I see it as my duty to pass this on to as many others as humanly possible. It´s that good! Full of great riffs and a pissed off vocal delivery. Members also reside in Creem, Warthog and Nuclear Spring. Don´t be to surprised if a EP pops up on Katorga Works later on.

Download the demo

fredag 21 mars 2014

Suffer The Pain - Face Of Doom MC (Krig Tejps)

Suffer The Pain unleashes their new tape (also out soon as a 7" on Phobia Records) of pure metal punk madness. Like a bastard child of Motörhead, Discharge and Entombed they rip through five songs of raw and brilliant metal punk including a great cover of the Motörhead classic "Killed By Death". Quite fitting cover if I may say so. There is however some new stuff added, like the intro which reminds me a whole lot of Tragedy. That just adds to the already overall great feeling about this band though. Suffer The Pain is not reinventing the wheel, but like any band playing in the hardcore realm of music you need to have that feeling to create great music. Suffer The Pain certainly have that feeling. Great stuff!

Buy the tape here: Suffer The Pain

Listen to STP here: Bandcamp

tisdag 18 mars 2014

Lite grejer på Tradera

Slängde upp lite grejer på Tradera. In och kika om det är något ni finner intressant. Går ut den 25:e så det blir lagom till löning det. Funkar inte länken så sök på användarnamn nineshocksterror Tradera

måndag 10 mars 2014

Broken Cross - Secret Destruction EP (Apocalyptic Visions)

Imagine waking up in a pile of debris in a desolate and post apocalyptic world. Stumbling across piles of burning human cadavers desperately trying to find something with a beating pulse. The survival instincts kicked in as soon as you opened your eyes and the need for food and supplies is your main priority along with the basic instinct of survival. Going down the stairs to a seemingly abandoned bunker in your hunt for useful gear you come across Broken Cross playing their filthy and primitive music on their run down instruments. You try to engage a conversation but is only met by hopeless eyes and muttering voices.

This is the kind of the landscape my mind paints me while listening to the second Broken Cross EP. Total desolation and destruction. No hope, no future. Since the release of the demo/first EP, Niklas has made the music even more primitive and perhaps more minimalistic than before. This is ugly music, this is raw music and this is certainly not music for everyone. The G.I.S.M.-influenced leads are still there but otherwise I feel this is a pretty original crossover of the filthiest and rawest hardcore and metal bands there is. This music is ugly and degrading. And I mean that in the most positive way I can.

Buy the record here: Apocalyptic Visions

Listen to the record here: Bandcamp

fredag 21 februari 2014

Bombs of Hades - Recoil In Horror 7" (De:Nihil)

Bombs of Hades are a productive band to say the least. You know you´ll always get a few EP´s and splits inbetween albums and I like that. This is their latest one on swedish label De:Nihil and I would say that the a side track "Recoil In Horror" would fit nicely as an extra track on their debut EP "Carnivores". After a stomping intro/verse they up the speed for a while with a riff that really reeks of early Dismember/Nihilist before slowing it down with a groovy riff. This is the stuff that made me love BOH all those years ago and it´s great to see they´re not straying to far off that formula. Another thing I like about their EP´s and splits are the somewhat different choices of cover songs. One could go for obvious choices and do a Nihilist or Autopsy cover. But honestly, how exciting would that be? Here they cover the Black Sabbath song "Over and Over" from their 1981 album "Mob Rules" and they do a really good job at it. Not really familiar with the original, but listening to it now I must say BOH makes it heavier and somewhat doomier. All around this EP is a great effort although I don´t really see the point of only having two songs on a 7".

This review was kind of hard for me to write since the guys in Bombs of Hades are my friends. Honesty takes care of most things though.

Buy the 7" here: De:Nihil Records

tisdag 21 januari 2014


It´s great to see that members of one of the most overlooked hardcore bands of the last few decades decided to start a new band. Yeah, I´m talking about members from Out Cold. John Evicci were along with Mark Sheehan (R.I.P.) the only ones that stayed Out Cold true over the years and here´s Evicci again banging away at those drums like only he can do. Other members include John Kozik (Out Cold, A.C.), Quinn Dillon and the spiteful and bitter vocals of Mark Fields (Proclamation, You´re Fired). There is an EP coming out on Man In Decline soon and an LP is set to be released on Rock N Roll Disgrace. European version will be released on a new label called Antitodo. Check out the bands demo and some tracks from upcoming releases on their Bandcamp and keep an eye out on the bands Facebook page for updates.

Agent Attitude & Damaged Head EP´s out now!

Adult Crash have two new releases out now by two swedish bands. Agent Attitude follow up their great LP with an EP called Repulsive Action. They´re kind enough to offer the whole thing over at their Bandcamp site so head on over and have a listen, I assure you it´s great. This is a co-release with Monument Records so choose whatever suits you best if you want to order.

Damaged Head is a new band featuring people from Herätys, Institution, Nitad, Agent Attitude and Separation. That´s a good track record just looking at previous bands and since I´ve heard the recording I can only say this is a contender for EP of the year along with above mentioned Agent Attitude EP. It´s a bit hesitant to say that this early in the year but I´m pretty sure they´ll both be up there at the end of the year. DH is streaming two tracks over at their Bandcamp so check it out and make sure you order a copy. I guess Monument will get these for all you swedes as well.