fredag 25 september 2015

Suffer The Pain - Midnight Sacrifice LP (Phobia Records)

Suffer The Pain - Midnight Sacrifice LP (Phobia Records)

Suffer The Pain´s first LP serves up fourteen songs of metal punk this time leaning a bit more to the metal side of things. Still you can´t mistake that it´s Suffer The Pain you´re listening to. There´s some slower numbers thrown in among the fast ones and I think that was necessary for this to not be so one dimensional. It´s still primitive as hell (pun intended) but to manage to make fourteen songs interesting there needs to be some variation and even though they´re not reinventing their sound, they´re not at all actually, the slower songs is there for a reason and it works really well. There´s some re-recorded songs on here and although I´m not really a fan of that move you can´t deny the sheer greatness of the songs chosen to be re-recorded.

All in all a really cool LP and if you´re into bands like Dishammer you should definately pick this up.

I reviewed a promo CD. The actual vinyl is set to be released in November the last I heard. Keep checking Phobia Records for more info. You can also listen to the whole thing over at the bands bandcamp site.

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