fredag 8 augusti 2014

D-Takt & Råpunk needs help!

Disaster struck the D-Takt & Råpunk headquarters and a GoFundMe-account has been set up for his aid. What happened is one of my worst nightmares, so consider helping Jocke out. Any amount counts, big as small.

Help out here: GoFundMe

Below are Jockes own words about what happened.

" Records and merch, tour/band gifts and parts of my private collection is totally drenched, ruined and must be discarded at a value of around: 41.200€ / $54.900 / 35.200£ / 5.650.000YEN and my insurance covers only: 5100€ / $6800 / 4000£ / 700.000YEN because our stock is located in a storage room. I dont know/think I will survive this personal and economic crisis. And as it seems, this might be the end of D-takt & Råpunk Records. When a damage such as this strikes against a d.i.y punk label its hard to get back in the ring again. I could really need all your help and support right now. Feel free to get in touch if you think that you can help us out in any way. More information will follow as soon as i know more about this total mess. I really hate to beg and ask for favours and I would not do it if I absolutely not needed. I need some sleep, been working day and night for two days straight in a row now. I will try my best to keep the punk spirit up, but at the same time I must admit that it feels pretty fucking hopeless right now. The label, distro and everything around it will be closed indefinitely until I got a better overview of the whole situation. Thanks for all your support! "

fredag 1 augusti 2014

Tristess Demos

People probably remember Tristess as a 77 punk band. They released a couple of records on Cage Match Federation, Kick N' Punch and Ny Våg. Before that, they released these two smoking hardcore demos entitled "Ge Fan I Mig!" and "Inget Liv" pulling more than one chord from the almighty Mob 47. They certainly don´t try to hide it either since they cover Mob 47´s classic "Jag Hatar Ert System" on the first demo. I don´t have the exact release years for these, but since the first LP were released in 2004 I would say these came out in 2002-2003. Members of this band on these demos were or would be in bands such as D.S.-13, E.T.A., Warchild, Regulations, The Vicious, UX Vileheads and so on. That generation of Umeå hardcore is what made the biggest mark for me personally. So many great bands came out after the first wave of Umeå Hardcore. The rips aren´t at the best bitrate and I know there´s better rips somewhere on some external HDD in my home but I don´t really feel the urge to go on a treasure hunt for them at the moment. Enjoy these demos, someone should release them as a LP or something.

Tristess Demos