söndag 27 september 2015

Demo reviews

Strul - Nu Blir Det Strul Demo MC

I got two demos sent to me by the always nice Mr. Hedberg a few months ago and in true Doomsday Mag fashion I haven´t reviewed them until now. I guess the "I´ll do it later" mentality has grown bigger in my life this year. Anyway, what we have here is eleven songs of full throttle hardcore influenced by Missbrukarna, Headcleaners and maybe a pinch of Totalitär. Or you can simply just call it råpunk if you like. Cathy riffs and a rabid Mr. Hedberg behind the mic who delivers clever lyrics that only can originate from a guy grown up in Kristinehamn that deals with idiots, russians, cops and more idiots.

Can´t say enough good things about this demo so I urge you to go and have a listen for yourselves. I´ve played this tape non stop since I got it and can easily say it´s one of this years best releases. That is if the upcoming EP won´t top it, if it even gets released in 2015.

This tape is now sold out, but the band have uploaded the whole thing to their bandcamp and you can also download the songs from there. Check it out and be sure to enjoy it as much as I do.

Strålskadad - Bli Aldrig Dom Demo MC

This is the second demo I got from Hedberg and here you find him behind the drums. I have to admit that for a guy who started playing drums a few years ago he manages to do what is expected in this type of band. Nothing to complain about in that department although it´s nothing spectacular. But I wouldn´t listen to this type of music if I were after some magic to happen behind the drum kit.

I haven´t listened to this tape as much as the Strul one cuz that took me completely by surprise, but listening to this now to freshen up my impressions I have to say that this is not bad at all. Pär the guitar player plays in both bands and you can tell by the catchy riffs going on through out both of these tapes. Five tracks of cool hardcore/råpunk is served and although this came in the same package as Strul I wouldn´t write this band off just yet. Don´t know how active they are at the moment but hopefully they haven´t broken up.

The whole demo is up at their Soundcloud page. Shoot them an email at straalskadad(a)gmail.com if you want to buy the tape.

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