fredag 21 februari 2014

Bombs of Hades - Recoil In Horror 7" (De:Nihil)

Bombs of Hades are a productive band to say the least. You know you´ll always get a few EP´s and splits inbetween albums and I like that. This is their latest one on swedish label De:Nihil and I would say that the a side track "Recoil In Horror" would fit nicely as an extra track on their debut EP "Carnivores". After a stomping intro/verse they up the speed for a while with a riff that really reeks of early Dismember/Nihilist before slowing it down with a groovy riff. This is the stuff that made me love BOH all those years ago and it´s great to see they´re not straying to far off that formula. Another thing I like about their EP´s and splits are the somewhat different choices of cover songs. One could go for obvious choices and do a Nihilist or Autopsy cover. But honestly, how exciting would that be? Here they cover the Black Sabbath song "Over and Over" from their 1981 album "Mob Rules" and they do a really good job at it. Not really familiar with the original, but listening to it now I must say BOH makes it heavier and somewhat doomier. All around this EP is a great effort although I don´t really see the point of only having two songs on a 7".

This review was kind of hard for me to write since the guys in Bombs of Hades are my friends. Honesty takes care of most things though.

Buy the 7" here: De:Nihil Records

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