tisdag 21 januari 2014


It´s great to see that members of one of the most overlooked hardcore bands of the last few decades decided to start a new band. Yeah, I´m talking about members from Out Cold. John Evicci were along with Mark Sheehan (R.I.P.) the only ones that stayed Out Cold true over the years and here´s Evicci again banging away at those drums like only he can do. Other members include John Kozik (Out Cold, A.C.), Quinn Dillon and the spiteful and bitter vocals of Mark Fields (Proclamation, You´re Fired). There is an EP coming out on Man In Decline soon and an LP is set to be released on Rock N Roll Disgrace. European version will be released on a new label called Antitodo. Check out the bands demo and some tracks from upcoming releases on their Bandcamp and keep an eye out on the bands Facebook page for updates.

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