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American Hardcore 1978-1987 CD6

Another compilation of eighties hardcore from North America? Yeah, I just couldn´t keep away from doing another since I found some cool bands and figured I could make a smaller volume. However, I didn´t really plan on it to be this extensive and along the years since the last one I did I must have forgotten how much work it is to do one of these. I must say it feels pretty good to have it done and I´m just as happy with this one as I´ve been with the other ones. If you look at the playlist you´ll see mostly obscurities of the (North) American hardcore scene of the eighties, but also some shit I forgot to add to the other volumes like Infest, Beastie Boys etc. Also some band I would call straight up punk rock bands like The Lewd and Fear but I included them since the songs I´ve chosen are obviously on the hardcore side of things. Some of these bands feature people whose "fame" comes from being in later bands. Tom Lyle of Government Issue played in Beaver, Dave Grohl played in Mission Impossible, some members from Infest played in Open Your Mind, Almost 21 became the rhythm section of D.I. on the Horse Bites, Dog Cries LP and so on.

Anyway, hope you´re just as curious as me about this shit. It seems like I´m not able to shake this curiosity about 80´s american hardcore off me but I hardly see that as something negative. I doubt I´ll make another one of these though, but I don´t dare to say anything definitive. You´ll find the download link below the tracklist at the bottom. Enjoy! And please, leave a comment.

Oh, I might as well explain that the Landlords song is written sarcastically about a case that freed the assailants in a rape charge, nothing else. The Genocide song however, is probably just what they sing about. Those teenagers and their urge to shock.

01. Infest - Sick-O
02. DXA - Interests
03. The Burnt - Action Action
04. Fear - Gimme Some Action
05. The Crewd - Every Mother´s Dream
06. Angry Thalomide Babies - Crib Death
07. Virus - Rhetoric
08. Lockjaw - Gang Violence
09. Sado-Nation - On The Wall
10. Almost 21 - Drowning In The Rug
11. Youthquake - We Don´t Need
12. Insanity Defense - Let Me Help
13. Neighborhood Watch - Acid Rain
14. Vicious Circle - Weird
15. Don´t No - Innocence Of Youth
16. Krieg Kopf - Immortal
17. Assault - Never Ending Greed
18. Mission Impossible - Into Your Shell
19. Red C - Pressure´s On
20. Power Of The Spoken Word - Decide Or Die
21. Front Line - Beach Impediment
22. Open Your Mind - Pseudo Skater
23. Stillborn Christians - Money/Kill
24. Beastie Boys - Transit Cop
25. Funeral - Waiting For The Bomb Blast
26. Braille Party - Let It Burn
27. The Landlords - No Good Woman
28. Desecration - Macho Man
29. Suburban Mutilation - Police State
30. Caustic Defiance - Educated Pain
31. Iconoclast - Battlefields (Nightmare)
32. Teenage Warning - No War
33. No Crisis - On Your Head
34. Genocide - Teenage Girls
35. Spastic Rats - Snap Judgement
36. Unruled - Lost Cause
37. Bad Influence - I Don´t Care
38. Homo Picnic - War Stories
39. Violent Tumor - Abortion
40. Beaver - Video Disease
41. God´s Will - Space Queers From Pluto
42. Scapegoats - Shitcan
43. Born Without A Face - The Lesser
44. Death Sentence - Real World
45. Satan´s Cheerleaders - Darwin Social Hour
46. Pig Children - Sick
47. Capitol Punishment - God Of Greed
48. Zero Mentality - Revenge Motive
49. Direct Action - Direct Action
50. Falling Idols - Hell No
51. Ribzy - Cyanide Pill
52. Subculture - Sadness
53. The Lewd - Beyond Moderation
54. Death Puppy - Star Spangled Sickness
55. Special Forces - Gung Ho

American Hardcore CD6

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