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Nytt från Painkiller

Painkiller har äntligen fått ut sina senaste släpp efter mycket om och men. Detta är det enda bolaget du behöver bry dig om om du vill ha dig din "power violence"-fix. Allt annat är totalt nonsens. De släpper ju knappast bara ovannämnda stil som synes nedan utan det är skyhög kvalitet på allt de släpper. Beställ på Painkiller Records

PKR-030: WASTE MANAGEMENT - Power Abuse 7"
Painkiller turns the big 3-0! OK, more like 8, but anyways... Originally released as a demo tape in 2010, these 6 songs were frankly too good to not be released on vinyl, and play as perfect complement to WM's Get Your Mind Right 7". Six primitive HC offerings in the Ball of Destruction / No Policy style, wrapped up in killer cover art by drummer and artist extraordinaire Ken Fontaine. First 200 on blue vinyl.
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Produced to the exact specifications of bassist Slippy Dee comes this triumph of Power Encrusted Violence, titled Life is Just One Damn Thing After Another. Each of the twenty (20!) tracks brings the grim world view of Scapegoat into focus through the Kelvin Morris-esque lyricism of vocalist Elijah-Zababai Bakerivias. Coupled with the Van Halen/Anthony- reminiscent interplay of guitarist Eggslilith Jones and the aforementioned Dee, as well as the "Hammer of the Gods" drum attack of Malcolm McDowell, Scapegoat have delivered what very well may be the album of the year, to say nothing of next year. First 200 on yellow vinyl.
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PKR curates our first compilation release, bringing together four of the best active grinding-HC bands. Iron Lung interpret Brutal Supremacy in the form of a 3-part epic recorded at the Paincave in 2009. Mind Eraser deliver 4 songs that push the style of their last 7" even further. Hatred Surge bring 3 tracks that showcase the latest mutation of the band with Alex now sharing vocal duties with Rahi of Insect Warfare. Scapegoat offer 7 over-before-they-start songs recorded between their debut 7" and their new lp. All songs are previously unreleased. Packaged in a 6 panel fold out poster. First 200 on green vinyl.
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Returning from the dead in the winter of 2010 to record their long belated lp, Soul Swallower offer up 11 songs going back to demos and rehearsals from 2006/2007. Devoured features the first official release of older tracks like "Logic" and "Abyss", as well as unheard cuts including "Ejaculation" and "Greed and Disgust". It all falls somewhere in the limbo between hardcore and metal: Citizen's Arrest, Ringworm, Sarcofago and Hellhammer are good points of reference. First 200 on white vinyl.
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PKR-8.5: STAB - DEMO XXX tape
These straight edge blokes (and bird) hail from London, England, and in the tradition of their countrymen before them, dish out a perfect mix of early Ripcord and Heresy, sounding like a blown out mix of the debut flexis by those 2 bands. This is a band to watch, and also the glorious return of the Painkiller cassette release! Limited to 100 copies.
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PKR-015: SCAPEGOAT - s/t 7" - 4th pressing/blue vinyl (ltd/300)
PKR-028: KNIFE FIGHT - Isolated 7" - 2nd pressing/green vinyl (ltd/300)
PKR-029: VACCINE - Human Hatred 7" - 5th pressing/black vinyl (ltd/300)

We also have copies of the new PUT TO DEATH 7", featuring members of Mind Eraser and Hatred Surge doing some good old fashioned No Comment style PV. Check the exclusives section for copies.



New 7"s from Montreal joyboys OMEGAS and DC rockers GIVE are in the works and should be out some time this summer. Beyond that, your guess is as good as ours.

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